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ICoTA China Established to Boost CTU Operation in China

On May 22nd, the International Coiled Tubing Seminar & Founding Ceremony of ICoTA China is held in Yantai, Shandong. Mr.Gao, General Manager of Jason O&G Equipment, LLC, was selected as the Chairman of ICoTA China. The establishment of ICoTA China shares the same vision and is expected to utilize the collective skills and perspectives of the Association members into providing an equal platform of coiled tubing knowledge to China.

ICoTA Members Cutting the Ribbon at the Openning

Tons of professionals on coiled tubing gathered to the event, including Mr. Ron Clarke, former Co-chair of ICoTA US Chapter, Mr. Roderic K. Stanley, Co-chairman of the API Resources Group for Coiled Tubulars, Ms. Tuojia, Technology Engineer of Coiled Tubing in Schlumberger, and Mr. Robert  Liou, Associate Director of IHS Upsream, etc, all of whom shared experience, innovations and excellent case studies onsite. Mr.Gao addressed the welcome speech for the seminar.

In China, the coiled tubing unit is mainly used for solving well difficulties due to the lack of advanced supporting technologies and experts. However, it has been widely applied into btoth conventional and unconventional oil and gas operations for its superior performance and high economic efficiency at a lower pollution rate.

As a global leading manufacturer of oil & gas industry headquartered in Houston, Jason O&G Equipment LLC is dedicated to providing superior oil & gas well equipment and spare parts to the industries it serves. “As Jason business extends,  I realize the discrepancy. The successful applications of CTU for well stimulation and EOR of various oil and gas reserves strengthens my belief to facilitate China’s CTU performance”, Mr. Gao claimed his original intention of establishing ICoTA China to the journalists. 

ICoTA was established in 1994 as a means of supporting, communicating, and promoting rapid technological advances within the coiled tubing industry. Hugh potential is to be tapped due to large China’s oil and gas demand, especially with the publishing of favorable policy of unconventional resources E & P. The establishment of ICoTA will bring CTU operation in China to a higher level and further improve China’s oil and gas productivity.