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Environmental Policy
JOG is committed to sustainable improvement of its environmental performance. We make the most efficient use of the energy required to operate.

Where possible, we invest in improving the energy efficiency of the products that we use and sell. Business units within JOG comply with corporate policies, domestic legislation, regulatory codes and industry best practices.

JOG considers the environmental impact of its products at every stage of their life cycle, from product design up to delivery and ultimately, their safe disposal. JOG believes in sustainable waste management, and recognizes its responsibility to recycle materials wherever possible. Environmental management and corporate responsibility are fully recognized and acted upon. Every manager throughout the organization has environmental responsibility and accountability.

Health & Safety
We seek to provide a healthy and safe working environment and implements healthy and safety practices to encourage employees to reduce and prevent risks.

JOG highlights the importance of health and safety. We ensure that we take all necessary actions to prevent personal injury, damage to property, and protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards.

Our goal is to achieve employee ownership and participation in the HSE continual improvement process. To achieve this goal:

Pre-operation safety meeting is held before each operation to identify the existing risks and take preventive measures.
Monthly safety meeting is held to review the safety situation of last month, discuss safety-related topics and share safety knowledge.
We give every employee the authority to stop a job at any time if work conditions are unsafe or if a particular action would be environmentally harmful.
Employees are trained in-house by qualified facilitators in a customized training program where they gain a comprehensive understanding of our HSE expectations and requirements.
Safety performance targets are set for every department and employee with award and penalty measures.

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